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Our Mission

Advanced Planning Solutions provides a combined 55 years of Design, Architectural, Construction, Project Management experience to help develop your projects into reality.

We believe the client is the principal member of the team. Through collaboration we will act as a tool to facilitate and complement your goal. With our expertise and your vision, we will work together to achieve a successful, sustainable, and beautiful facility that delivers a meaningful experience while taking into account the needs of the project. 

By using good business practice, creative methods, and cutting edge technology, we are confident that your needs will become met. 

"Technology makes what was once impossible possible. design makes it real."

                                             -- Michael gagliano

Team work and collaboration includes our clients.

Our commitment is to provide the best available services to assure a successful project. we are an extension of you and your team.

we surround ourselves with a network of proven consultants, engineers, and vendors in the industry.